Why El Bierzo ?


According to various studies and surveys, Spain is the first country in the world in terms of well-being and health, and the second in terms of quality of life. Many factors come into play in this decision: the environment, the climate, the price of real estate, security, health care, leisure, services, gastronomy…

In the end, it all boils down to a question of priorities, of the importance we give in our lives to each of these aspects, and of adapting them to our interests, aspirations and needs.


From this starting point, BierzoLife set out with twin objectives : – To promote the discovery of a unique, magical and unforgettable place: El Bierzo region and its intimate capital, Ponferrada. A special destination and an incomparable landscape, treasures of the other Spain that have been guarded since Roman times.

Gastronomy and Wines

To visit El Bierzo is to delve into a fertile and temperate valley – the legendary El Bierzo Basin – that is today an internationally renowned centre of agricultural production where exclusive, diverse and delicious fruit delicacies are cultivated, along with wide expanses of dreamy vineyards.


The clement weather and the fertility of the soil, exploited for centuries by landed estates and monasteries, contribute to the intense agricultural activity of the area that drives its economy today. The land yields unique and exclusive products, with the pepper representing best value, or perhaps fruit varieties such as the Reineta apple, Conference pear and Bierzo cherries. That is not to forget, of course, its extensive vineyards dedicated to making select wines with such exclusive grape varieties as Mencía, Doña Blanca or Godello. The chestnuts that grow in the mountains throughout the territory and its exquisite sausages, above all the celebrated ‘Botillo del Bierzo’, complete the delicious produce of this land, reinforcing its international prestige.


El Bierzo is a land where each valley is different from the last. The landscapes and structure, mountains and vegetation blend together, from the Atlantic types of the Upper Sil and Ancares basins to others that are strictly Mediterranean, with softer and more characteristic tones. Located right on the Camino de Santiago, El Bierzo is also known as the Spanish Burgundy, a quality neorural destination that brings the treasures of nature closer to both locals and outsiders.

Sea and Mountain

El Bierzo offers its visitors all the benefits of sea and mountain in a unique enclave. As well as the region’s own resources, the services it provides allow you to enjoy a day at the beach, go skiing, access several national or international airports, discover historic cities and even catch a highspeed AVE train from León to Madrid to feel closer to the capital – all under two hours away ! El Bierzo is the best location for anyone who wants to enjoy the wonders of the rural world without turning their backs on a most complete, varied and cosmopolitan service offer.