Do you have a project in mind that you want to see through ? Are you tired of the inconvenience of living in a big city ?

Can you imagine living in a house twice as big for half the price as in large urban centers ?

Can you imagine being only 10 minutes from work ?

Can you imagine having time for your passions, sports and preferred hobbies ?

Can you imagine having access to facilities you always thought of at an attractive price ?

Do you think that it is very complicated for a large family to live in a big city ?

Can you imagine being less than 2 hours from the beach and the mountains at the same time ?

You only have one life…
have you stopped to think about how you want to live it ?

If you want to be more efficient in your work, achieve a better life-work balance and improve your quality of life, El Bierzo is the ideal place to do it.

Technological advances and the new information and communication infrastructures have broken down spatial barriers, making it possible to carry out many activities from virtually anywhere. In this context, El Bierzo is firmly establishing itself as an ideal place to develop your project or idea.

You can do this in a city adapted to the human scale, Ponferrada, or even in one of the charming villages that surround the capital. You decide how you want to live your life !

You decide !